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A custom-designed music concept has a positive influence on the mood of customers and will contribute to extending the length of their stay in-store. In this context, it is all the more important to select the right music content. Alongside the customer, our experts create just such a concept, taking the most important parameters into consideration. This of course includes demographic data regarding your customers, your corporate philosophy, the product portfolio, location-specific features and other important details that represent the unique nature of a brand. Of course we also produce your advertising messages and integrate these into an existing concept. Audio-marketing must be considered in-depth, which means that the focus is not only on selecting the right content, but also the right music and an appropriate advertising message. Of equal importance are the transmission characteristics - the acoustics. Here we offer the best quality for your POS. We ensure a positive listening experience, by offering the delivery and installation of audiovisual systems alongside a professional analysis of your requirements.


The placement of advertising (messaging) is very simple. According to your stipulations, we can create and send audio ads or we can use the audio ads that you have produced yourself. Your ads of course run at a configurable frequency and time, regardless of the number of locations. We have several years of experience in the creation of advertising content, and are thus capable of creating catchy and effective advertising messages. Having analysed the features of the potential target group, we suggest multiple scenarios. Depending on your selection, we have moderators to suit you. You can of course contribute to the entire production process and we will work alongside you to create customised advertising programmes.

Licence-free music

We also have a very extensive database of licence-free titles available for our customers, spanning all popular genres and thus provide a very flexible range of options. These titles are made available by freelance writers who are not members of a collecting company. There are no licence fees when using this content.

Act NOW, so that tomorrow you can entertain and inform your visitors with your custom-created music concept!

Streaming Technologie


We recommend streaming technology as a reliable means of music transfer. The music is sent to your premises via our Streaming Box. All that is required is Internet access. If you do not have Internet access, we can offer you other tried and tested offline solutions.

Whether it's streaming technology or digital data carrier, we can offer you a tailored solution.

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