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There is no need for a shopping trip with all the family to end in stress and complete chaos. But what do you do when the smallest family-members want to do anything but walk calmly alongside you? It doesn't take a scientific investigation to work out that this situation has a considerable negative influence on the purchasing behaviour of the parents. Just ask yourself how this type of shopping trip would go or has gone for you.

A 'children's corner' will help improve this situation. Better yet, a children's corner with moving images. The television has enormous appeal for children - more than any other medium. Moreover, there is no need for mandatory supervision if the duration of stay in shorter than half an hour. Depending on the average duration of stay of your customers, we provide you with the right video material.

FSK 0 (voluntary self-regulation of the movie industry in Germany)

Our video content is FSK 0 compliant (voluntary self-regulation of the movie industry in Germany), without exception! Whether entire films or a combination of different film sequences, we offer you and your customers only the best quality material. Whether brand new or timeless, you receive all films in "standard definition" quality (DVD). And so that you don't run the risk of showing the same video material over and over again, we provide you with an update every quarter. All of our rental packages come with a full-service package, at no additional charge. Full hardware warranty for the entire contract term, a free 24-hour hotline and 48-hour on-site service. So there's nothing else for you to worry about.

Act NOW, so that tomorrow even the smallest of visitors will be on your side.



Whether its a home model, a wall-mounted model or a customised solution, the same top quality will always be found inside:
  • 1.27-inch screen, full HD (Industrial quality)
  • 2.2 x 2 Watt integrated speakers
  • 3.Media player, full HD, network-compatible
  • 4.Storage medium (SD card, USB stick or CF card)
  • 5.incl. all connection cables and storage medium
We supply complex marketing instruments for retail businesses Pre-configured and ready for use.

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