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Scent to match your brand

Scent marketing is currently one of the most popular instruments by which to target and establish non-verbal communication with customers. Almost 75% of purchase decisions are made spontaneously. Here emotions and sense of smell are crucial factors. We make use of this fact by creating the right scent for your brand and then using this scent at the POS. This provides the perfect purchasing atmosphere and the optimal purchasing experience for your customers.

Scent strategy

The selection of the right scent strategy is of major importance, and so we have put together a large and flexible product range. Whether it's in food retailing with coffee aroma variations or herbal aromas, the perfumes or the scents of nature - if something seems aromatic and harmonious, we can supply it. Give it a try and let us help you find out what suits you. An individually compiled scent concept can be provided.

Scent creations that are aligned to the product not only highlight the unique features, but also convey a message to your customers. Based on information from our customers, our research and diverse analysis, we are able to select the right scent and scent marketing strategies.

We offer scent marketing solutions for every location in which a good atmosphere is a decisive factor:

  • 1.Retail chains - Scents for food retail stores and fashion stores
  • 2.Restaurants and cafés - aromas to stimulate the appetite
  • 3.Hotels - A wide variety of scents from fresh to luxurious and elegant
  • 4.Airports - Scents that make your waiting time more pleasant
  • 5.Fitness & SPA - fresh and energising, or calming and relaxing
  • 6.Events - individually selected scents for product launches, film premieres, trade fairs, conferences etc.

Act NOW, so that tomorrow you can fascinate your visitors with customised scents!



The Diffusion line
covers the requirements of large retail spaces with an air conditioning system, up to 2000 m²

Fan-driven systems
cover the requirements of retail spaces, stand-alone unit, up to 120 m² All units are electronically controlled and operate with pre-defined, individually configurable time intervals.

The scent of your brand determines how long customers stay and gives your product that extra recognisable feature.

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