Digital sales aid - within the waiting area

Extensive tests and surveys in major projects have shown that the perceived waiting time can be reduced by an average of 50% through the use of digital information systems. Shorten the perceived waiting time with an infotainment programme (news, sport, weather etc.). Inform your visitors/patients of your services, e.g. in the field of medicine - regarding additional charged services or medical innovations. Demonstrate innovation through the use of new technology, give your company a personal touch by introducing your team and generate a positive impression. Provide unobtrusive information about special events, important dates or simply an up-to-date weather forecast. Your new digital sales aid supports you in providing your visitors/customers with all the desired information. And all this for less than EUR 0.49 per hour - reliable and effective.

The benefits at a glance

  • 1.Shorten the perceived waiting time with 'infotainment' (news, weather etc.)
  • 2.Add a personal touch by introducing your team
  • 3.Present your corporate profile and an overview of your service offering
  • 4.An image of competence is conveyed through professional content design

The comprehensive no-hassle package in detail

  • Robust AVX player from LionDATA
  • Completely pre-configured system
  • Incl. all software licences
  • Managed by professionals
  • Network connection via cable, WiFi or 3G
  • Monthly content modification possible
  • Extensive range of options, such as multi-display control, designing your advertising messages etc.
  • If required, we offer a nationwide installation service

Act NOW, so that tomorrow you can inform your visitors about your company/team and discreetly notify them of additional services!


Focusing on your company and your services

Our digital sales aid presents the unique nature of your company, introduces your team, provides information on products and supports your staff in generating additional sales - and all of this without holidays and sick leave, for less than EUR 0.49 per hour.
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